SECCON 2016 Online CTF Finished

2016-12-11 15:00:00

Thank you for participating to SECCON.

We'll announce the results of the qualifying at a later date after the review of the final score of aggregations and rule violations were carried out. Results may vary with being displayed on the scoreboard of the score server.

We'll announce the results from the following URL.

Top 14 will be given the berth to the SECCON 2016 finals.
Final game will hold at Jan28-29,2017 at Tokyo.
We will inform to top qualified team.

Thank you for playing!!




上位14チームはSECCON 2016決勝大会に出場することができます。


[Hint] "AlphaComplex2"

2016-12-11 13:08:00

This challenge can be solved within a few minutes if you figure out how we intended the problem to be solved.

[FAQ] about "basiq" chllenge flags

2016-12-11 02:45:00

Someone register fake admin account.
We want you to search real admin account password.
Flag format is "SECCON {...}". Please find the flag that matches the format.


About "checker" challenge

2016-12-11 02:15:00

We found some misconfiguration of checker challenge, sorry.
We don't fix(change) it , this challenge is easier than other 300 chals.
Please challenge it!


[update] "mboard" challenge score will change 400 > 500

2016-12-11 02:00:00

We will add +100 bonus at mboard challenge.
score change to 400 > 500


[password] Decrypt password of "randomware" challenge was released.

2016-12-10 22:00:00


password: h9nn4c2955kik9qti9xphuxti

[Update] "missile" challenge description

2016-12-10 21:50:00

Missile challenge description fixed (change port to 9999) and some reconfiguration, please wait for up.


[Update] "MemoryAnalysis" challenge description

2016-12-10 20:10:00

We updated the MemoryAnalysis challenge description.
please check it
Memory Analysis

[FAQ] Flag Format

2016-12-10 20:00:00

All challenges flag format is SECCON{....} You can get it directly. If you do not find this, then you have to do more search or analyze.

[password] "Memory Analysis" challenge decrypt password released

2016-12-10 16:00:00

Memory Analysis

password: fjliejflsjiejlsiejee33cnc

CTF Rules

2016-11-08 12:00:00


  1. Scores will be aggregated per teams
  2. New challenges will be added depending on how many teams have solved the currently released challenges.
  3. If your team submits too many incorrect flags within a short time, your team will be temporarily locked out from submiting more flags. If your team continues to submit incorrect answers (brute force), the lockout time will increase.


The following is prohibited during the competition.

  1. Attacking other teams
  2. Stealing answers from other teams
  3. Talking about how to solve the challenge or give hints to anyone outside your team
  4. Get tips and answers from other than your own team members(except for official hints)
  5. Attacks on other servers and networks (Except for those that are specified in the challenges)
  6. Any attacks to disturb the game. (DoS attacks, etc...)

If any team is caught breaking any rules, you will be punished with deduction of points or disqualification according to our discretion. This applies to even if we discover anyone breaking the rules after the contest has finished.

The qualification ticket to the main contest is not transferable.


  1. 得点はチーム毎に集計します。
  2. 問題の回答状況に応じて、順次問題が追加されます。
  3. 短時間に連続して不正解すると、チーム全体の回答に一定時間ロックがかかります。ロック中にさらに不正解を続けると、ロック時間が延長されます。


  1. 他チームへの妨害行為
  2. 他チームの回答などをのぞき見する行為
  3. 自チームのチーム登録者以外に問題・ヒント・解答を教えること
  4. 自チームのチーム登録者以外からヒント・解答を得ること(ただし運営者が全員に与えるものを除く)
  5. 設問によって攻撃が許可されているサーバ、ネットワーク以外への攻撃
  6. その他、運営を阻害する行為




2016-11-08 12:00:00

Please contact us in the following IRC channels for questions during the competition.

IRC Server: (freenode)
PORT: 6667 / 6697 (SSL)
Character Encoding: UTF-8
Channel: #seccon-quals
Recommended IRC Client: (Windows/Mac OS X/iOS)
Web Chat:

Please understand that any questions asked by email will most likely be slow to respond to.


IRCサーバ: (freenode)
PORT: 6667 / 6697 (SSL)
文字コード: UTF-8
チャンネル: #seccon-quals
推奨IRCクライアント: (Windows/Mac OS X/iOS)